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Castle Siege

Trận chiến Castle Siege


Castle Information

Current Stage:Registration period for Mark of Lord
Next Stage:Idle (17 hours 13 minutes)
Battle Duration:1 hours 0 minutes
Tax Rate NPC:0%
Tax Rate Goblin:0%
Tax Rate Trial:0%
Trial Money:0 Zen

Event Schedule

StageStart DateEnd Date
Guild Registration PeriodMonday, August 8th 12:00 AMTuesday, August 9th 11:59 PM
IdleWednesday, August 10th 12:00 AMWednesday, August 10th 1:59 AM
Registration period for Mark of LordWednesday, August 10th 2:00 AMThursday, August 11th 11:59 PM
IdleFriday, August 12th 12:00 AMFriday, August 12th 1:59 AM
AnnouncementFriday, August 12th 2:00 AMFriday, August 12th 11:59 AM
Castle PreparationFriday, August 12th 12:00 PMSunday, August 14th 3:59 PM
Siege WarfareSunday, August 14th 4:00 PMSunday, August 14th 5:00 PM
IdleSunday, August 14th 5:01 PMSunday, August 14th 11:59 PM

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Server Info

Phiên bảnSeason 17
Master Experience15x
Tổng tài khoản517
Tổng số nhân vật820
Tổng số Guild8
Người dùng trực tuyến93

Castle Siege

Chủ lâu đài

Guild Master
Registration period for Mark of Lord

Trận chiến Castle Siege
3 days 9 hours

Castle Information

Top Level+

TestDKDragon Knight1,400
DammeDWSoul Wizard1,217
TESTEENoble Elf1,034
WhiteHairEmpire Lord1,030
Em18Noble Elf1,011